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HESmix is The Original HempLime and consists of hemp-hurds, high calcium hydrated lime, HESplus and water (patented). The combination of these 100% natural raw materials produce a long lasting, lightweight, fire resistant, thermal and humidity regulating, rot and pest resistant, carbon negative building material which improves the indoor climate for all inhabitants


  • HES-mix has been tried and tested in the worlds leading HempLime buildings

  • HES-mix is the only HempLime product which gets full benefits of hydrated lime

  • Hydrated lime can be sourced locally in many regions leading to lower cost of materials and transport by avoiding the need to import heavy pre mixed binders

  • Hydrated lime has lower carbon emissions than hydraulic lime and cement

  • Hydrated  lime allows HES-mix to be more porous therefore lighter and more insulating

  • Hydrated lime allows HES-mix to have exceptional moisture/humidity regulating properties

  • Continuous carbonation (co2 absorbing) effect of hydrated lime allows hydrated lime to complete the lime cycle turning back to limestone.

  • No cement or toxic materials used, ensuring a breathing product good for health and alkaline indoor climate 



Use HES HempLime to benefit from official tests which have been conducted on our particular patented formulation and method of mixing.

  • Fire resistant (class B s1d0 ) tested according to EN standards

  • Thermally insulating (LAMBDA = 0.048 - 0.06 W/mK) ,

  • (R-value = 3.1/inch)

  • Humidity regulating

  • Rot and pest resistant

  • Excellent acoustics

  • Long lasting (turns to limestone)

  • Lightweight (240kg/m3)

  • Carbon negative



HempLime is used for walls roof and floor construction and insulation.


For walls, HempLime is packed into formwork, which is usually erected around a timber frame. When the wall formwork has been filled, the formwork  can be lifted immediately and the HempLime will start its drying and curing process.

For floor and roof, HempLime can be placed directly onto gravel floors or placed on top of netting in between roof rafter or floor joists for insulation.






HES-wall is a paste which can be applied onto new or existing walls to improve the indoor climate by adding an alkalizingly fresh lightness to the room.

Great for renovations of stone, brick and concrete walls

HES-wall can be finished with natural pigments and textures from smooth to rough



HES-finish is a breathable plaster which can be applied over most surfaces for interior and exterior use

HES-finish can be finished with natural pigments and textures from smooth to rough

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