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HES Products

Our patented HempLime formula of hydrated lime, hemp hurds and HESplus allows for superior performance and a comfortable indoor climate

Hemp Hurds

Hemp Hurds

Hemp hurds are the woody inner core of the cannabis plant  (cannabis sativa the THC free species).  Hemp was chosen 25 years ago because of its high content of silica (sand), making the material resistant to fire and rot. Hemp hurd has thousands of micro pores allowing it to absorb moisture quickly and release it gradually. This wonderful characteristic makes it a natural humidity regulating material.

  • The Hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa) grows in most climates;

  • It has been of use to Man for thousands of years;

  • It grows up to 4 meters in 3-4 months and, while growing, it takes up large amounts of CO2;

  • 1 kg of hemp hurds is able to store 1.9 kg CO2;

  • Apart from Hurds the plant supply us with seeds and fibres;

  • It requires no pesticides or irrigation.

We select only the finest hemp hurds in order to achieve trusted, consistent result. It's important that hemp hurd is free of dirt and fibers. The presence of these elements could affect your build. Please consult with us, for quality control purposes, before using your local hemp hurd supply.

Our main suppliers of hurd are from europe and the hemp hurd is packed tightly in 20kg (44lb) bags. 

Hurd can be purchased from your nearest HES associate.

For large order quantities and distributor inquiries, please contact your nearest HES affiliate. 

Minimum order quantities are as follows

Associate pricing - 624 units

Public pricing - 20 units

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated lime (calcium carbonate) was used by the romans and up through ages as a base for all building materials. It lost its importance and disappeared from the market when cement was invented.

 We have re-introduced the use of this natural material because of its mass availability, low cost, its stability and because it's a living material that can produce an alkaline in-door climate by the constant carbonation process of lime (uptake of CO2). 

When lime comes into contact with water, a natural process called "carbonation" starts. As the water slowly evaporates from the lime, CO2 is absorbed and the lime continues the carbonation process until eventually turning back to calcium carbonate. 

The combination of the hurds properties of absorbing humidity from the air and the use of moisture by the lime (for carbonation) makes these two materials an excellent match for a building product.

Lime will eventually turn as hard as stone as long as the carbonation process continues.


This makes all HES products "living breathing materials", compared with cement or hydraulic lime which are inert materials. It is precicely this process that is used to produce optimal thermal and humidity regulation and a long lasting product. The process is natural and is produced at no extra cost.

Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) is one of the oldest and most abundant building materials known to man. The problem about its slow setting time has been solved by our invention which means we can once again use this wonderful product in construction.

HES plus

HES plus

HESplus is our special formulated blend of volcanic minerals used to speed up the initial set of hydrated lime.

 Hydrated lime has one drawback: it  cures (hardens) very slowly. To overcome this problem we've invented a natural mineral additive that is able to speed up the initial setting time of the lime down to 2 days, without the lime losing its carbonation ability (absorbtion of CO2). 

By adding our natural minerals to the hydrated lime, we were able to start the curing process of the lime within a few hours, but the challenge was to find the right balance and combination of minerals which would allow the lime not to lose its carbonation ability (CO2 uptake). This was achieved and the result was a curing time of 2-3 days with continued CO2 uptake. With this important invention we were granted a patent and a 1st prize at the annuasl bio-conference in germany 2014.

Our invention allows:

  • a reduction of the basic binder from 60 to 25 kg per batch;

  • a lower material density and weight reduction to 240 kg/m3;

  • a more porous product and therefore an improvement of thermal effect and humidity regulation;

  • a quicker drying process matching standard material

Your building will get better with age when using our patented blend of natural minerals. HES-plus allows hemp builders to use the purest hydrated lime by improving the initial set without losing the long term, natural carbonation effect. 

HES mixer

HES mixer

The robust HES-mixer is the best HempLime mixer on the market! Specially designed to produce a homogenous mix in 4 minutes, consistently. This is the perfect match for a serious hemp builder. 

The HES-mixer has been tested for almost 10 years, is fully electric, silent, lightweight, mobile and safe. No bulky, noisy machines needed and mixing is made easy with all materials added to the mixer in a simple process.

The HES-mixer is currently produced in Europe and also available in the USA. 

Choose the HES-mixer for your project, best quality at the lowest price. it's essential.

Technical specs

  • Drum capacity - 200 L (55 gal) 

  • Batch volume - 7 cu.ft

  • Motor - 2.2kW (3hp), 220v, 50/60hz

  • Weight- 150kg (330lbs)

  • Dimensions LxWxH- 155cm (62") x 75cm (30") x 120cm (48")

  • Loudness - <85dBa

Care and Operating Instructions

Keep mixer clean after daily use by rinsing inner drum with water
Two way operating switch with shut off
Keep motor and gearbox covered and out of the rain
50-60 hz motor can be used in EU and USA
220v electricity supply is required (dual pole breaker in the USA)

Formwork Brackets

Formwork Brackets

The HES-formwork brackets are galvanised steel and designed to be used with standard steel tubing and form boards which are widely available from most hardware stores. The brackets are easy to mount and use and make building with HempLime a pleasure. 

These brackets are an optional extra and advisable for hemp builders to have on their job.


  • Board mounts (sliding forms)

  • Wall mount anchors

  • Adjustable wall thickness

  • Floor mount anchor

  • Tube extensions

HempLime Starter Kit

HempLime Starter Kit

The starter kit is ideal for a serious HempLime builder/ entrepreneur that wants to service their region and start building with full confidence knowing that they have the right materials, equipment and technical support.  Purchase all the materials and equipment you need to get started in one container. 

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