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Architects, Builders and Developers


Architects, Builders and Developers are of prime importance to our mission introducing HempLime to the building and renovation market.


To facilitate the dialogue and co-operation, the management of our affiliates is composed of architects, engineers, or those closely related to the building sector.


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HempLime Texture Map

Our team of professionals has developed a HempLime texture map to use for 3D modeling 

How to work with us


HES is organized as a distributed network of regional affiliates: HES District Managers and Certified Associates contractors.


Our head office, based in Switzerland, is at your disposal for any general questions and documentations you may request.

Hemp Eco Systems for Architects

Roles and Training


Registered national HES companies


  • Purchase material & equipment directly from manufacturers

  • Carry stock of material & equipment

  • Contract local qualified contractors for work execution

  • Communicate with architects, engineers and builders

  • Based on architects' plans, HES affiliates work out:

    • Specifications

    • Consumption of materials

    • Planning & timing

    • Estimated cost of materials and work execution

    • Execution according to CE certification



HES Head office



  • Products R&D

  • Tools and machine developments

  • Study of projects with architects, engineers, & clients

  • Establish new affiliates

  • Back-up existing affiliates

  • Conduct international seminars & conferences

  • Corporate material & equipment purchases

Associates contractors

Execute the construction mandates


HES does not directly execute building & renovation jobs.
Qualified contractors in each area are contracted and trained to become our associate. Training of associates is a central activity of our organisation and is done through:


  • Management course - 2 days

  • Field personnel course - 5 days plus the first jobs done under HES supervision


After successful completion of the training, participants receive a diploma (CFD & CSD) and are elligible as certified contractors.




Flexible solutions


  • HES deliver and invoice to the Associate or directly to the client.

  • The Associate buys or rents the equipment

  • Performance guarantee: HES & the Associate deliver performance guarantee solidarity.


Budget and material



We've made it easy to calculate the costs of our solution: use our HES-System Calculator to find out about the budget you need for your next project.

Please register and login to use it.

Budget Calculator available on desktop version only.

Budget and Material Calculator by Hemp Eco Systems

Certificates and performance tests reports

CE Certificate

Conductivity Test

Thermal Performance Test

Hemp-Lime Drying Comparison

Fire Performance Test

Hygrothermal Behaviour

of Bio-based Materials

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