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Getting High with a Hemp Skyscraper™

Wooden sky scrapers seem to be taking the world by surprise... Did you know the current World's highest sky scraper is the Burj Khalifa, sitting at 829.8meters... and the World's highest WOODEN sky scraper is 53meters, which is being used as the student accommodation building for the British Colombia University in Canada? Japan is currently building the next highest wooden sky scraper, wanting to beat the Canadians, being 350m high, and seventy storeys.

But there hasn't yet been a ground breaking Hemp insulated Sky Scraper - It would preferably go well with a wooden structure. WATCH THIS SPACE

This step in the right direction is said to possibly use about 185,000 cubic meters of timber, and expected to cost around 600 billion Japanese yen ($5.6 billion).

The building will be designed to withstand earthquakes, as we are all well aware that Japan is somewhat on the 'ring of fire'.

As this building is made from wood, the fire risk seems obvious, as well as the humidity and moisture issues. However Sumitomo Forestry (the company constructing this marvel) said it would "make every effort to further enhance fire and seismic resistance." This is where we would include HEMP as the insulation and fire proof material.

Image supplied by Sumitomo Forestry, Japan

If you're interested in viewing the original article posted by CNBC, click here to be blown away. We are in the business of building healthy and sustainable structures, our team is investigating the possibilities of using the hemp mono-wall™ (infill and insulation in one) to compliment the wooden structure.

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