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What does Building For The Future with HempLime look like?

Updated: May 14, 2020

If we want our grandchildren to enjoy a healthy world with fresh air, clean water, nutritious food, rich soil, comfortable living environments and prosperous communities, then we need to stop what we're doing, we need to change our habits of demand for convenience at all costs, and our greedy over consumption human behaviour of everything which we perceive as essential (plastic, fossil fuel, speed, technology, data, pharmaceuticals and poisons). We need to ask ourselves the question, "what is essential"?

We're changing the paradigm of construction materials from synthetic to natural.


Simple, we're doing it by promoting the use of HempLime in construction. HempLime is made of Hemp Hurds (the woody inner core of the hemp plant), Hydrated Lime (calcium hydroxide), HESplus (a blend of natural volcanic minerals) and water. Each of these raw materials which come from nature and undergo a minimal amount of processing and have an overall negative carbon footprint.

We've been building and renovating using hemp and lime for 25+ years and over the years we've evolved from using hemp with crushed bricks and cement (HempCrete) to the above-mentioned HempLime recipe which is a lightweight, porous, fire resistant, humidity and thermal regulating rot and pest resistant building material.

In the last few years, we've been making an effort to promote the use of these materials and have realised that we need to do this together. We need to share our knowledge and experience to build a reliable network of professionals that can execute HempLime building and renovation jobs efficiently and effectively.

We've made our IP available to all of our official associates, wishing to use our patented recipe and method. We're not holding our patented recipe and method for ourselves, we are sharing it with serious building contractors and hemp entrepreneurs that understand the importance our our mission for the future generations. We want to empower builders and entrepreneurs to develop their businesses the way they want to, supporting them with the tried and tested materials and equipment, quality control procedures and methods to boost the hemp industry around the world.

Our most recent development for builders and hemp entrepreneurs is the HempLime Starter Kit (HLSK). The HLSK contains the materials, equipment and training required to start your HempLime business and/or build your first HempLime home.

HES associate use HES technology and experience with no fees and royalties.

Fill out the HempLime starter kit form if you're serious about joining us in this hemp building revolution.

Join the movement to create a cleaner greener world for our future generations.

We're proud to announce that we've recently been listed as one of the 1000 solutions from Solar Impulse Foundation.

Building for the future

Toni Läderach

Hemp Eco Systems Team

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1 commentaire

Natasha Sokoloski
Natasha Sokoloski
05 mai 2020

Excellent! ☀️

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