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HES System:
one product, multiple use-cases


HES-Mix is a one product solution for all building parts: floor, walls and roof, for new or renovation projects. It can also be applied on existing walls as an interior lining with a different mix called HES-Wall.



How to use our products for each part of your house:

HES-Mix is prepared directly on the construction site in a special mixer. It takes minutes to set and requires 2-5 weeks (depending on weather) to cure and dry before applying renders, the curing and drying process can be accelerated with cold ventilation only. HES-Mix is used for new construction on an existing supporting structure of wood or steel, or on existing walls for an optimal insulation benefit.

Ground floor



  • Excavate and fill with gravel mixture (dia: 5-8 cm) to a thickness of 10 cm.

  • Pose a perforated tube (air drain dia: 4-6 cm) imbedded in gravel. Add 5 cm of gravel (dia: 3-5cm) apply HES-Mix on the gravel bed 15-20 cm. Pose floor heating (if required).

  • Pose a 6–8 cm lime-sand mortar.

New walls and existing walls



  • Mount formwork so that the vertical wood beams are placed in the middle. Distance between formwork (wall thickness) 30-35 cm, or according to specification.

  • Pour HES-Mix in the formwork, level, spread and compact slightly.

  • Lift the formwork as soon as filled and continue the process.


The same process can be used on existing walls using a thickness of 15 to 20 cm, outside or inside.




  • ​Fix a net under the beams. Reinforce with steel wire if required.

  • Fill HES-Mix between the beams to 25 cm and compact to 23 cm.

  • Apply wood planks or panelling on the inside.

  • Apply roofing on the outside.

How to benefit from an indoor alkaline climate

HES-Wall enables us to serve the interior of houses and building and has the following qualities:


  1. Thickness can be varied according to need and space without change of formula.

  2. Thermal insulation is relative to thickness of material, 4-8 cm HES-Wall is not optimal insulation, but a substantial improvement.

  3. Humidity regulation is most efficient in all areas (example: bathrooms without ventilation).

  4. The base of a healthy alkaline indoor lining system is achieved. - Finishes based on hydrated lime with sand, or fine hurds (HES-hurds fine) give an attractive, maintainable finish.

  5. We obtain herewith an alkaline indoor climate, thanks to the hydrated lime, very important for better and healthier living conditions.




  • This interior insulation system has been developed to be able to apply a lining interior walls:


  • Where the insulation has been done on the outside walls;

  • Where there is no space for a full interior insulation (10-20cm);

  • When a natural humidity regulation is wanted (no ventilation system is necessary);

  • In order to obtain a healthy, alkaline interior climate.

Where to apply



On interior walls (exterior is also possible) whether facing exterior or separation walls.


Ideal for high-humidity areas where HES-Wall and its finishes will regulate humidity: bathrooms, kitchens; also, in normal living areas like: school classrooms, office space, etc...




HES-Wall is applied in thickness of 4-8 cm on interior wall to give a partial insulation and a perfect humidity regulation. HES-Wall can be finished by applying HES-Finish with or without fine hurds. By this means, we obtain a healthy alkaline inner lining.


How to apply​


HES-Wall is premixed and applied with a Tiger (our model) and an electric hand compressor (3HP, 50-80 lit., 220 V).

How to get the desired finishings

The surface of a HES-Mix wall gives a texture ideal for over coating, as it provides a perfect anchor pattern for the renders. HES-Mix wall must have reached a satisfying drying state before applying the renders. Renders, based on lime with or without fine hemp hurds, can be applied on all kind of surfaces, following normal instructions (cement, bricks, panels, wood, etc…). HES-Finish consists of a special blend of lime and fine river sand (04-06 to 02-04) that provides the ideal smooth render.

Natural finish



Walls insulated with HES-Mix can be left without over-coating, wether inside or outside, being resistant to all weather conditions.


It can be coloured by mixing natural soluble pigments with linseed oil (siccative) and turpentine, which can be applied with a brush.

Interiors renders



Apply on HES-Mix:


  • 1st application of HES-Finish 0,5 - 1,0 cm of hydrated lime and river sand 04-06.

  • 2nd application of HES-Finish 0,5 cm consisting of hydrated lime and river sand 02-04 or hydrated lime and fine hurds.


HES Super Finish


It consists of hydrated lime and a small quantity of gipson. It gives a super smooth, silk-like finish.

Exteriors renders



Use HES-Finish in frost free (southern) climates


  • Apply HES-Finish as first application 1,0 cm.

  • Apply HES-Finish as second application 0,5 cm.


Use HES-kalei in Northern climate

HES-kalei is applied on exterior surfaces of walls insulated with HES-mix. Once it's dry, this render creates a durable protection, yet it doesn’t block the breathing of the wall.

Materials and Tools 


All the preparation is done directly in the building site.
The 3 components are mixed with our patented HES-Mixer and applied manually using a special sliding steel formwork brackets.



One bale of HES-Hurds-S (20 Kg)

+ One sack of HES-Lime-A (25 Kg)

+ One of sack of HES-Plus (3 Kg)

+ Clean water =


1 m2 of 20 cm thickness.

100 / 200 l. HES-Mixer


We have developed our own mixer to be sure that the quality of the mix matches high standards. No weight is necessary. It works on 220V and is compact amd silent enough to be placed anywhere, from a roof top appartement to a tiny basement: a huge advantage in cities where space is rare and costly.

HES - Metal Fromwork Brackets


Our formwork brackets guarantees a fast and accurate building in every conditions. It consists of two adjustable steel panels that slide along fixed poles. Simple and hassle free.


Budget calculator


We've made it easy to calculate the costs of our solution: use our HES-System Calculator to find out about the budget you need for your next project.

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Budget Calculator available on desktop version only.

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