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Jorgen Hempel


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One of the original pioneers of Hemp building from the late 1980's and Founder of Hemp Eco Systems Group. As an environmental activist and humanitarian, Jorgen has dedicated the last 25 years to developing HempLime as a building material.



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As Founder of Hemp Eco Systems Latvia, Ugis has a depth of HempLime construction knowledge and understands the importance of offering natural products to the construction industry. Ugis is focusing his energy to develop an evolving

 HempLime market

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 Toni has a passion for discovering alternative and sustainable approaches to real world problems. His civil engineering background and wide span of experience working in the built environment has given him a realistic insight into some of the challenges facing humanity.

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Although passionate about legal business and preserving our environment, Tracey puts her family above all else. Tracey's core values of Adventure, Beauty and Contribution are what govern her everyday decision making and underlying motives

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Being in the cannabis industry for many years, Finlay understands what Hemp has to offer. A dedicated go getter with a positive attitude and outlook for the future of natural building materials has made Finlay a core part of our USA team.

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Having traversed the world of architecture internationally for almost two decades, and founding, Paul has managed to transmute this experience by providing solutions for the many issues plaguing our natural environment and the built reality we inhabit today.



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As a true harmoniser and experienced networker coupled with his love for people and planet and dealing with large industry, we are happie to have Hiro on our side during these ever evolving times.

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Zana Zu is an holistic designer who feels the truth of space and the people who inhabit it, and invite the maximum potential and beauty of both

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Michael is a bioarchitect who receives the truth and offers the impulse to utilise the beauty of creation in the expression of form