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Tools and documentation to make your life as a HempLime architect, contractor or developer easier. HempLime is a relatively new material to enter the mainstream and we are here to assist you in making the transition easier.

HES Technical

HES Documentation
(click image to download PDF version)

Technical Data: HempLime HES-mix

HES Product Characteristics Guarantee

Thermal Performance Test

Conductivity Test

Study: Relationship between Thermal Conductivity and Material Density

CE Decleration of Conformity

Hygrothermal Behaviour

of Bio-based Materials

Study: HES-wall CO2 absorbtion in classroom 

HempLime Drying Comparison

Fire Performance Test

Technical Data Sheets and Operating Bulletin

Available Technical Data Sheets:


  1. Raw materials

  2. Equipment

  3. HES-Mix for construction and renovation

  4. Application of HES-Mix

  5. Where to use HES-Mix

  6. New construction with HES-Mix

  7. HES-Wall - interior lining for insulation & humidity regulation

  8. HES-Finishes

  9. Air tightening for doors and windows

  10. Safety regulations


Available Technical Operating Bulletin:


  1. Function of HES-hurds in HES-Mix

  2. Function of Lime A in HES-Mix

  3. The functioning of HES-plus in HES-Mix & HES-Wall

  4. Function of Water in HES-Mix

  5. Surface preparation.

Please contact us to request any of the above mentioned Data Sheets

Product Characteristics Guarantee pg3.jp


Product Characteristics Guarantee pg3.jp

Hydrated Lime Spec sheet