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Welcome to the world of natural building

HempLime wall with window

the Original Certified and Tested Hemplime Building Product

Build | Insulate | Renovate

The HempLime HandBook

Available to purchase from AMAZON as a printed copy only

HES-mix and Handbook
  • Fire Retardant (Bs1d0)

  • Thermally Insulating               (0.048-0.06 W/mK)

  • CO2 Negative building (-0.027tCO2eq/m3)

  • Light Weight (240-350kg/m3)

  • Healthy Indoor climate

  • Humidity Regulating

  • Hand Crafted natural finishes

  • Rot and Pest Resistant

  • Acoustically Pleasing

HempLime wall


All HESmix is HempLime but not all Hemplime is HESmix.

HESmix is a patented product used to build and insulate walls, roofs and floors. 

  Tested according to EN standards for fire, thermal, humidity and strength and used in over 50'000m2 of building and renovations across the world since 2013.
HESmix is a trusted hemp building product by industry professionals.

HempLime winery Austria


Building and renovating with Hemp and Lime since 1991, our network of artisans, engineers, architects and inventors  allow us to continuously innovate through a shared and collaborative approach.

Choose us as your hemp building partner and rest assured that you have an experienced team standing beside you every step of the way from project specifications, planning, budgeting, material selection, logistics, training and execution.

Hemp House Hopland

The first time I walked into a HempLime house, I was sold. My favourite things about building with hemplime are knowing that i'll have the healthiest indoor climate and that everything has been hand crafted

Antler, Hemp Mini House, Hopland, CA

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