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Social Integration


Taranto Prison - Italy



In August 2015 our manager Livio Ripamonti (Architect) came across an Association APAB active in training and supporting prisoners in the Taranto prison. This prompted us to propose to the Association and subsequently to the prison management to intervene with our natural products to improve on the prison’s indoor climate.

It became a celebration for having developed this initiative giving a number of important impacts concerning nature, humans and society as such.

The management of the prison confirmed that the work and training will go on and HES confirmed that for the next works the technician will be made available at no cost with the compliments of the HES Group.


• Radical improvement of the indoor climate, with expected less health problems

• Less heating in winter and cooler in summer, with lower energy consumption

• Cost of the product below synthetic finishes or insulation materials

• A week of training of prisoners by HES team

• 15 prisoners trained

• Creating a career possibility for the prisoners

Photos © Hemp Eco Systems 2016


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