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Terms and Conditions

updated 14 April 2020

Thank you for showing interest in our mission and drive to change the world for the intelligent use of natural building and renovation products.

The terms and conditions "terms" for Hemp Eco Systems Group and all affiliates/licensees ("HES", "us", "we" & "our") for the website ("the site")

have been written in laymen's terms to make it easy to understand and prevent confusion.


As we strive to be better, we would like to shed some light on things which may not be known.

We have a US and European patent on the building material (consisting of hydrated lime, an organic filler such as hemp hurds and a mineral of volcanic origin) as well as the process of mixing it.
Acquiring and maintaining a patent is a costly process and it's done for good reasons with good intentions.

e.g The patent prevents large greedy corporations from blocking the public from using this material and process. We want to empower the people and we'll support the development of the industry however we can.

As can be seen, we've been sharing our information and processes publicly (for years) in order to 'give the power to the people' to build the bright future which we all strive for.

We are the only company/individuals which can legally market the above mentioned building material so if you see someone else marketing it, please let us know, we'd like to make the right progress and prevent legal action which may ensue down the road (in case of an acquisition of HES). 

We are here to support you and the hemp building industry and if you'd like to use our patented formulas and procedures, just let us know and we will arrange the necessary agreements.

We constantly strive to improve our processes and appreciate collaboration between organisations and individuals who share a common vision with us.

Our team of experienced professionals are able to consult with you or your clients on a project to project basis, we can provide you with the information you require to design, plan and build your next HempLime project successfully.

See our reference list as proof of the types of jobs we're capable of completing. We like to push the limits of what this material can do.

We are not liable for work carried out by people using the information presented on this website, the information is intended to be used as an educational guideline and what you do with it is in your hands. 

Our HempLime products and services consist of the following:

building materials, equipment, consultations & training sessions

we also have a growing network of architects, designers and builders to assist you for your next project.

By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree that you have read the website entirely before submitting your request to a forum or via a contact form.


All of the information, designs, logos and anything else presented on this website is a trademark (registered or unregistered) of HES and cannot be used unless consent from HES group has been received.

The information which is provided at the time of publication is relevant to HES group at the time of publication and not necessarily valid at the time of reading due to new or updated findings. The views published on the site do not necessarily reflect the views of each member of the site.

Becoming a member

When you join our community as a member we may list you on our network map and send you updates on activities within the organisation

Members are allowed to use the site for the benefit of the community and anybody that misuses the site or act out of line will be removed as a member and banned from using the site. 

Please see our privacy policy for information on how we will/will not use your information.

We will continue to update the above terms so please check in periodically.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or constructive criticism.


The HES team


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