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With 25+ years of experience, the HES team has executed over 50 000m2 of HempLime building and renovation across the world. We are working to change the building paradigm from synthetic to natural materials. We invite you to join us on this endeavour in making the world a pleasant place for our future generations.



HempLime consists of hemp-hurds, hydrated lime, HESplus and water (patented). The combination of these 100% natural raw materials produce a long lasting, lightweight, fire resistant, thermal and humidity regulating, rot and pest resistant, carbon negative building material which improves the indoor climate for all inhabitants



Every HempLime project needs a mixer, why not get the best one? Consistent homogenous mixes of the highest quality. The HES-mixer is an asset for every HempLime builder and entrepreneur. Get yours today at the most competative price!



HES-finishes can be applied to further protect your HempLime walls on the interior and exterior or simply apply our HES-wall to an existing wall to improve the indoor climate.



We offer project consultations and product training to assist you in getting your next HempLime building project complete. If you're serious, book a meeting with one of our skilled experts now!



Our experience has shown us that in order to make the most significant impact, we need to join forces and work together. We are building an army of associates around the world that all have access to our unique products and "know how". If you're a passionate and dedicated entrepreneur looking for guidance into the hemp building realm, look no further.


The first time I walked into a HempLime house, I was sold. My favourite things about building with hemplime are knowing that i'll have the healthiest indoor climate and that everything has been hand crafted

Antler, Hemp Mini House, Hopland, CA

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