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About us


Hemp Eco Systems SA was founded in Orbe, Switzerland by Jorgen HEMPEL who, 20 years ago, was one of the pionneers to discover the immense qualities and versatility of hemps as a building and insulation material.


The vocation of Hemp Eco Systems is to build a network of affiliates and associates (contractors) worldwide and introduce governments, universities, architects, technicians, building entrepreneurs and the public to this outstanding opportunity.

Our Organization



Architects and Technical Services


  • We provide all technical information on where and how to use hemp as building or insulation material

  • Performance and references data

  • Cost estimates

  • Invitation to join 2 days theoretical and practical training sessions

International company set up


National Organization:


Hemp Eco Systems is set up in any country where we join in with a local partner, motivated by natural construction.


Functioning of a national Hemp Eco Systems Affiliates:


  • Recruiting and training of interested local contractors to become Associates

  • Bulk purchase of materials and equipment

  • Central stock of materials

  • Local training center for architects, contractors and the public.

  • Participation in congresses, exhibitions and conferences

Our Services



Technical Services:


  • Consulting

  • Research & development

  • Technical - commercial advice

  • Approval of standard materials and equipment



  • Establishing affiliates abroad

  • Entrepreneurs as associates

  • Creating an association of building entrepreneurs

  • Training centers

  • Formulations and application techniques

  • Equipment, site organization and execution techniques