About us


Hemp Eco Systems Group is an association of companies and people specialized in the promotion of Natural Building and Renovation materials and products on a world wide scale.

The definition of NATURAL is that all materials and products produced and distributed must come directly from nature, have undergone as little transformation as possible, with minimum use of energy and emission of polluting substances, resulting in high quality and long lasting products. 

For 25 years Hemp Eco Systems Group has used its imagination and invested its energy in assembling materials and developing products that meet the most stringent demands;  have an outstanding LCA rating, have obtained Certifications and International rewards, including the latest label for meeting all ecological requirements  certified by The Solar Impulse Foundation of Bertrand Piccard.

During the last thirty years thousands of houses and buildings (some 54 000 m2) have been constructed and insulated with the HempLime products and methods, in accordance with the HES Group’s company principal:  “MUST BE GOOD FOR NATURE AND HUMAN BEINGS”!

Our Organization



Architects and Technical Services


  • We provide all technical information on where and how to use hemp as building or insulation material

  • Performance and references data

  • Cost estimates

  • Invitation to join 2 days theoretical and practical training sessions

International company set up


National Organization:


Hemp Eco Systems is set up in any country where we join in with a local partner, motivated by natural construction.


Functioning of a national Hemp Eco Systems Affiliates:


  • Recruiting and training of interested local contractors to become Associates

  • Bulk purchase of materials and equipment

  • Central stock of materials

  • Local training center for architects, contractors and the public.

  • Participation in congresses, exhibitions and conferences

Our Services



Technical Services:


  • Consulting

  • Research & development

  • Technical - commercial advice

  • Approval of standard materials and equipment



  • Establishing affiliates abroad

  • Entrepreneurs as associates

  • Creating an association of building entrepreneurs

  • Training centers

  • Formulations and application techniques

  • Equipment, site organization and execution techniques

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