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HES approved hydrated lime

Hydrated lime (calcium carbonate) was used by the romans and up through ages as a base for all building materials. It lost its importance and disappeared from the market when cement was invented.

 We have re-introduced the use of this natural material because of its mass availability, low cost, its stability and because it's a living material that can produce an alkaline in-door climate by the constant carbonation process of lime (uptake of CO2). 

When lime comes into contact with water, a natural process called "carbonation" starts. As the water slowly evaporates from the lime, CO2 is absorbed and the lime continues the carbonation process until eventually turning back to calcium carbonate. 


The combination of the hurds properties of absorbing humidity from the air and the use of moisture by the lime (for carbonation) makes these two materials an excellent match for a building product.


Lime will eventually turn as hard as stone as long as the carbonation process continues.


This makes all HES products "living breathing materials", compared with cement or hydraulic lime which are inert materials. It is precicely this process that is used to produce optimal thermal and humidity regulation and a long lasting product. The process is natural and is produced at no extra cost.


Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) is one of the oldest and most abundant building materials known to man. The problem about its slow setting time has been solved by our invention which means we can once again use this wonderful product in construction.

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