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Healthy. Safe. Smart.

Healthy Hand Crafted Living Space

Wooden Structure & Frame

HempLime Insulation & Encapsulation

Breathing House

No VOC off-gassing

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Own your designs, and let's build them with HempLime. 


We are a group of professionals working together to create living spaces designed around simple principles; they must be good for nature and good for people. We are creating a biodynamic house, one which supports it's inhabitants on more than one level. 

We use HempLime for insulation and encapsulation, meaning that we build the shell using wood and HempLime. The combination offers the client an affordable healthy alternative to synthetic materials. Our HempLime formula and systems have been tried and tested over 25 years.


You are here because you understand that it is more important than ever for us to place our health as a priority.
The collective wisdom of our team of Architects, Engineers and Designers allows us to develop the next generation of truly dynamic, supportive and healthy housing solutions.

The Hemp Mini House is an experience and will do more than simply decrease the size of your footprint. We believe that diversity is important and one size does not fit all.  

If you are serious about investing in your Hemp Mini House please contact us for a consultation.


Our Version of HempCrete

Fire Resistant (EU certified Class B s1do)

R-Value = 3.1/inch (0.048 W/m.K)

Water Vapor Diffusion Resistance = 5.48

100% Natural & Breathable (no VOC off-gassing)

Rot and Pest resistant

Long Lasting

Affordable and Economical

Hemp Mini House
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Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 13.48.36
Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 13.48.07
Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 13.48.23

© 2019 Paul Richardson. All rights reserved.

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