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Natural catalyst for hydrated lime

HESplus is our special formulated blend of volcanic minerals used to speed up the initial set of hydrated lime.


 Hydrated lime has one drawback: it  cures (hardens) very slowly. To overcome this problem we've invented a natural mineral additive that is able to speed up the initial setting time of the lime down to 2 days, without the lime losing its carbonation ability (absorbtion of CO2). 


By adding our natural minerals to the hydrated lime, we were able to start the curing process of the lime within a few hours, but the challenge was to find the right balance and combination of minerals which would allow the lime not to lose its carbonation ability (CO2 uptake). This was achieved and the result was a curing time of 2-3 days with continued CO2 uptake. With this important invention we were granted a patent and a 1st prize at the annuasl bio-conference in germany 2014.

Our invention allows:

  • a reduction of the basic binder from 60 to 25 kg per batch;

  • a lower material density and weight reduction to 240 kg/m3;

  • a more porous product and therefore an improvement of thermal effect and humidity regulation;

  • a quicker drying process matching standard material

Your building will get better with age when using our patented blend of natural minerals. HES-plus allows hemp builders to use the purest hydrated lime by improving the initial set without losing the long term, natural carbonation effect. 

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