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Hemp Eco Systems Membership

Hello and welcome

You're here because you're interested to learn more about HempLime as a building material. We've been working with HempLime for 25 years and enjoy sharing our HempLime 'know how' with people who appreciate it. 

In order for our organization to be sustainable (stay in business), we require a membership fee from all of our members.

Membership fees includes full access to the member page which contains valuable information gathered over the past 25 years of hemp construction and renovation to assist you with your next HempLime project.

HempLime.org members receive the following:

  • Discounted prices on all of our listed products materials, equipment, consultations, workshops, training manuals and more.

  • Join our HempLime construction social media groups and forums

  • Priority email access to our technical team (limited amount of emails)

  • The most recent updates of our organizational development

  • Possibility to expand our network on a commercial level

  • All new members receive a free 1 hour skype consultation upon signup to HempLime.org.

The prices and terms are subject to change click here for pricing plans.

Please fill in your details below to start your membership journey.

Thank you for your time


The HempLime.Org team