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"HES-mix is our HempLime formula comprised of : 

Hemp-hurds, hydrated lime, HES-plus and water.
With it, you can build and renovate houses. Use our products and experience to ensure your next project's success" 

Hemp Hurds

20 kg (44lb) bags

We select only the finest hemp hurds in order to achieve trusted, consistent result. It is important that hemp hurds are free of dirt and fibers as the presence of these elements could affect your build. Please consult with us about your local hemp hurd supply

HES mixer

200 L capacity

The robust HES-mixer has been specially designed for our HES-mix recipe and is able to produce a mix in 4 minutes, consistently. This is the perfect match for a serious hemp builder. 

Product Training

1 Day

Receive the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to get a better understanding of the full uses and benefits of HempLime. Get your hands on the material and learn how to mix our proprietary, tried and tested recipes and methods.

Hydrated Lime

25 kg (55lb) bags

Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) is one of the oldest and most abundant building materials known to man. The problem about its slow set time has been solved by our invention which means we can once again use this wonderful product in

Project Consultation

1 hour Skype call

Discuss your project with one of our professionals to get a better understanding of your project scope specification and feasibility. Take it a step further and call on us to manage and execute your entire HempLime project.

HES plus

3 kg (6.6lb) bags

Your building will get better with age when using our patented blend of natural minerals. HES-plus allows hemp builders to use the purest hydrated lime by improving the initial set without losing the long term, natural carbonation effect. 

Formwork Brackets

8 pcs/set

The HES-formwork brackets are designed to be used with standard steel tubing and specified boards which are widely available. The brackets are easy to mount and use and make building with HempLime a pleasure.