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Hemp Hurds

Hemp hurds are the woody inner core of the cannabis plant  (cannabis sativa the THC free species).  Hemp was chosen 25 years ago because of its high content of silica (sand), making the material resistant to fire and rot. Hemp hurd has thousands of micro pores allowing it to absorb moisture quickly and release it gradually. This wonderful characteristic makes it a natural humidity regulating material.

  • The Hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa) grows in most climates;

  • It has been of use to Man for thousands of years;

  • It grows up to 4 meters in 3-4 months and, while growing, it takes up large amounts of CO2;

  • 1 kg of hemp hurds is able to store 1.9 kg CO2;

  • Apart from Hurds the plant supply us with seeds and fibres;

  • It requires no pesticides or irrigation.

We select only the finest hemp hurds in order to achieve trusted, consistent result. It's important that hemp hurd is free of dirt and fibers. The presence of these elements could affect your build. Please consult with us, for quality control purposes, before using your local hemp hurd supply.

Our main suppliers of hurd are from europe and the hemp hurd is packed tightly in 20kg (44lb) bags. 

Hurd can be purchased from your nearest HES associate.

For large order quantities and distributor inquiries, please contact your nearest HES affiliate. 

Minimum order quantities are as follows

Associate pricing - 624 units

Public pricing - 20 units

Hemp Hurds
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