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HES mixer

The robust HES-mixer is the best HempLime mixer on the market! Specially designed to produce a homogenous mix in 4 minutes, consistently. This is the perfect match for a serious hemp builder. 

The HES-mixer has been tested for almost 10 years, is fully electric, silent, lightweight, mobile and safe. No bulky, noisy machines needed and mixing is made easy with all materials added to the mixer in a simple process.

The HES-mixer is currently produced in Europe and also available in the USA. 

Choose the HES-mixer for your project, best quality at the lowest price. it's essential.

Technical specs

  • Drum capacity - 200 L (55 gal) 

  • Batch volume - 7 cu.ft

  • Motor - 2.2kW (3hp), 220v, 50/60hz

  • Weight- 150kg (330lbs)

  • Dimensions LxWxH- 155cm (62") x 75cm (30") x 120cm (48")

  • Loudness - <85dBa

Care and Operating Instructions

Keep mixer clean after daily use by rinsing inner drum with water
Two way operating switch with shut off
Keep motor and gearbox covered and out of the rain
50-60 hz motor can be used in EU and USA
220v electricity supply is required (dual pole breaker in the USA)

HES mixer
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