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We have built over 50'000 m2 of healthy environments: private home, public buildings, offices, farms, schools, warehouses and patrimonial restauration.

There is no limit to the size or type of construction you can build with HES-Mix. You can start now to save energy and reduce maintenance, two of the most expensive line of cost.


New construction
Renovation / Insulation
Special Projects
New construction

New construction

Hemp Mini House California

Hopland, California, USA: 2019-2020

Private house

Saint-Sylvain - France - 2015

Prefab walls and wooden structure

Brescia - Italy - 2015

Community house

Riga - Latvia - 2013 

Use of HES-Mix for contemporary architecture

St.-Julià - Spain - 2014

House extension and renovation

South Tyrol - Italy - 2015

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Renovation Projects


Six examples that show the different uses of HES-Mix in renovation/insulation projects.


Villard - Switzerland - 2011


HES-Mix has outstanding performances, even in tough climates where temperature varies a lot from winter to summer. In confined indoor atmosphere like Chalets it contributes to keep a healthy indoor atmosphere.

Private House

Vevey - Switzerland - 2011


A visible example of the use of HES-Mix on exterior walls. Depending on the existing building, HES-Mix can be applied outside or inside to achieve the best result.

Private House

 La Tour de Trême - Switzerland - 2014


Extension of a private house, using a wooden structure and HES-Mix for the walls and insulation.


 Onnens - Switzerland - 2011


HES-Wall is used to fight humidity problems and regulate temperature without having to use extensive heating or cooling devices.

Private House

 Le Mouret - France - 2013


A private house roof completely insulated with HES-Mix for a gain of heating energy, comfort and healty indoor air.

Small building

Antwerp - Belgium - 2011


Complete refurbishing of a small building using HES-Mix for walls and roof.


Special Projects

Proportio Exhibition - Palazzo Fortuny


Patrimonial Architecture

Trullo - Italy

Social Integration

Taranto Prison - Italy

Patrimonial Architecture - Fortfield Farm 14th C.

Montireau - France - 2000

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Special Projects
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