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COP happened without the Parties, California

In Northern California, San Francisco to be precise, a climate conference took place, and took a different stance to the usual Conference of the Parties - much to the dismay of climate change policy makers.

In the past, United Nations meetings on climate change seem to have been all talk and not much action, which is why the people seem to have taken things into their own hands. It doesn't seem to matter that President Donald Trump of the USA has decided to pull out of the Paris Agreement on Climate change, as the individual states have autonomy in their climate decision making. Various Governors of US states have joined up with Chinese, Canadian and Mexican ministers to commit to zero-omission projects and bi-lateral agreements.

The conference held in California seemed to have caught the eye of many, and we believe that these kinds of meetings is what will help drive the movement in a bigger way.

Image supplied by the New York Times

We've got the future of the world in our own hands - World Citizens

Climate change has and continues to have a direct influence on our lives, on a personal level, whether we decide to believe it or not... One of the positive ways we can help to combat this, is to build our very own homes with natural and healthy building materials. Starting with ourselves and our own homes can go a long way - in the greater scheme of things.

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