• HES Team

Why use HESplus

The short answer is that using HESplus together with hydrated lime has multiple benefits compared to other binders on the market such as natural hydraulic lime (NHL) , hydraulic lime (HL) and cements.

Summary of benefits CO2 absorbing (proven results), lower emissions, cost savings, more insulative and lightweight, tried and tested, unlimited shelf life, US patented.

First, Hydrated lime

One of the keys to what makes HESplus so good, is that we are able to once again use hydrated lime for construction. Hydrated lime is an abundant resource which is used for water purification, Metal production, soil stabilization, agriculture and more. Not to forget that much of our ancient civilization was built using hydrated lime. Hydrated lime is also used for plaster work and various finishes and can be soaked in water for many years to improve the quality, Hydrated lime has excellent moisture retention quality which makes it a desirable additive to conventional concretes and cement based plasters...

Lets go into the detailed benefits of using HESplus

  1. Proven to allow continuous carbonation of hydrated Lime (Calcium hydroxide) while speeding up the initial setting time. This means that CO2 Is absorbed by the hydrated Lime and the lime cycle continues eventually turning back into Limestone (calcium carbonate)

  2. Reduced emissions and Cost savings benefit (for your pocket and the environment) because of the ability to use locally sourced high calcium hydrated lime, this means that only a small quantity of HESplus (1 pallet for a house) needs to be transported which will bring down the overall cost.