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  • Tracey Läderach

Hemp Batteries and Cars

Forbes isn't always interesting, nor do they have easy reads, but recently I came across an article titled: The Age of Hemp: Global Advanced Industrial Applications. And boy did it catch me off guard...

I learnt five pretty amazing things about Hemp. If these five interesting facts interest you, click here to read the original article, there's a lot more to be discovered about this revolutionary plant.

1. Hemp is a variety of the non-psychoactive cannabis sativa plant, which only contains 0.3% THC (THC is the constituent which makes you high).

2. BMW launched their electric vehicle in 2013 with interior hemp material.

3. Hemp has been used as a material in super-capacitors in place of graphene, which are used to store power in batteries!

4. Growing hemp can help regenerate the soil... so in places like Southern Africa and parts of Asia where the soil has been degraded, it would be a good idea to plant hemp because 'hemp’s soil nutrient replenishing properties could be the key to reviving crop production'.

5. America's CBD oil market (Cannabidiol, also known as hemp oil) alone is projected to reach $450 million by 2020, and China's cannabis market could grow to 100 billion yuan by 2022(approximately $14.5 billion).

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