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  • Tracey Läderach

Cannabis Science: a Degree we've all been waiting for!

We recently became aware that a University in the USA has taken the initiative to start offering courses on Industrial Hemp and Medical marijuana.

Well it's about time, and what a better time to start learning about this wonder crop, than now?!

Cannabis Science. Image supplied by Grown Rogue

The Southern Illinois University will have these courses available from their Carbondale campus, and it seems that it is going to cover learning areas of the entire entire industry. You will be able to learn about the farming process, the processing of the plant, the biology of the plant, the engineering aspects as well as the business side.

The University has been given the go ahead to start planting Hemp too, and will be doing so with their students on a 5 acre piece of land. This provides a nice amount of space for research, testing and just plain learning about this wonder plant!

Jorgen had the following to say:

"The decision of the University to give Cannabis space in the world of science is what I call the Snow-ball effect.

The plant has been kept in the shadow for so long and for such obnoxious reasons that you can now await the snow-ball effect. We can expect nothing but a situation where not any dominant industry or government will be able to keep back what is now happening.

Let the people have the word and it will work."

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