• Tracey Läderach

Could HEMP Save the Bees?

Great research and experiments are being done lately to combat the decline of the bee population we seem to be experiencing.

What will happen when there are no more bees?

The problem of the decline of bees: 'beekeepers around the world have observed the mysterious and sudden disappearance of bees, and report unusually high rates of decline in honeybee colonies. Bees make more than honey – they are key to food production because they pollinate crops.'

If the bees become extinct, crops will no longer be pollinated and the human race may run out of food!

What if planting more Hemp could assist in helping to save the bees?

FEED THE BEES Cannabis depends on wind for pollination, but it turns out bees are raiding male flowers (shown) in hemp fields to forage for pollen for babyfood. Image supplied by ScienceNews.org

Bees are seemingly becoming more familiar with Hemp plants, as more and more grow operations become legalised. Not much research has been done yet on the nutritional values of hemp pollen for bees, but scientists are starting to see value in this type of research.

Visit sciencenews.org or click this link to read about the studies being done on Bee health and hemp pollen. It's awesome to know that Hemp can assist the world in a crisis such as this.

If this is true, and Hemp pollen turns out to be a good source of food for the bees, maybe it will assist those governments 'sitting on the fence', when it comes to deciding on hemp growing regulations.

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