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Fire Resistant Homes | HempLime by HES

Home burning in 2018_ California's wild fires_ Hemp Homes are a solution

Image supplied by the Los Angles Times_Why are California's homes burning?

California's Wild Fire Season

It seems there are more then just the 4 seasons in a year, in 'poor old' California... Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and the Fire Season.

Why is it that in California of all places, the fires are so destructive, so recurring, so dangerous and so predictable? The Emerald Triangle, Los Angeles and San Francisco area seem to be the hardest hit, each year. Time and time again, each year getting worse and worse.

These places are also home to the biggest cannabis growers in the world. I wonder if there may be a correlation?

Buildings destroyed in the Carr and Mendocino Complex fires, this year, amounted to more than 8,800 homes, 329 businesses, and more than 800 private cars, commercials vehicles, and other types of property. More than 10,000 claims have been filed.

The existing buildings and homes are acting as fuel to the fires... allowing these beasts to rage on without end.

Solution: Hemp Homes

Ever heard of a breathing house? A house, built of natural materials, that doesn't burn? The HempLime homes have the highest fire rating for natural materials. It's a home which breathes and provides a healthy indoor environment. Just imagine homes in California being re-built with HempLime... could this be the end to the destruction Californians have suffered for years on end?

Times are a changing. The time is now. HempLime to the rescue.

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