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HempLime produces a healthy indoor climate for all inhabitants

Insulation and heat buffering

The unique effect of the combination Hemp, lime and HESplus makes it possible to regulate heating and cooling, living comfortably in 18-19° and considerably reduce energy costs. This is caused by two phenomena:

1. The Hemp hurds ability to take up and release micro quantities of moisture. Warm day temperatures cause a micro evaporation and cold night temperatures a micro condensation. This is micro energy which blocks the temperatures from transiting the walls. (Bath University).

2. The heat storage and heat buffer capacity found in HES-mix is greater than in any other building and insulation material.

This contributes to keeping a stable and constant in-door temperature regardless of the outside temperatures and humidity (Holcroft & Shea 2013).

Consequently HES-Mix functions completely differently from all other building and insulation materials.

Concluding this important element in healthy, confortable and economic living, we note that the adapted so-called lambda method to measure the effect of insulation materials, is only a small and in reality not very important element of the total picture. In order to obtain comfortable and healthy living with optimized energy savings, several contributing elements must be considered and measured.

Temperature and humidity

Low energy consumption combined with in-door health and comfort depends on temperature and humidity.

These are tightly connected and, of the two, the dominant is humidity. It is therefore necessary to be able to control both, obtain the optimal level temperature (around 18-19°C) and humidity (55- 60%) and make it stable. The heating has been explained above. As for humidity, it builds up due to environment and the inhabitants.

Regulating humidity has to be done by the wall membranes that absorb the excess of humidity and send it through the walls to the outside. This can only function if no so-called vapour membranes or other barriers are present in the wall and roof. If the insulation and building materials allow for this, the regulation is assured without the use of ventilation or other mechanical means. Opening the windows twice a day is sufficient and necessary. We refer to this as the breathing house.

This is precisely what HempLime can do.

Overall effects of HES-Mix and HES-Wall

These products are natural products able, by their very nature, to produce effects important for nature and human health. They act according to the laws of nature. Blended without the use of toxic materials we can consequently pay full respect to what is good for nature and humans.

In living and working spaces, we avoid the use of synthetics membranes & ventilation. These products have a unique life cycle assessment (LCA) by which more CO2 has been stored and very little energy used (Nova Institute). Energy saving to heat and/or cool are experienced to be 40- 60% in renovated houses and buildings.

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