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The Hemp Eco Systems Network

By Jennerly Pershouse

Where Knowledge Enables Wisdom

“Knowledge without application is simply knowledge. Applying the knowledge to one’s life is wisdom and that is the ultimate virtue” ― Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos

What separates knowledge from wisdom is clearly defined in the quote above and it is a fundamental truth that directs our lifestyle choices. Acquiring knowledge, whether through formal schooling, informal self-education or by being a part of everyday life is something all people experience throughout life. Applying learnt knowledge is a skill and at times may be difficult to master; where failure is usually brushed aside as a bad decision. The real truth is that bad decisions are not purposely made, but never-the-less made based on information available at that moment in time. As new information surfaces, so does the wisdom to make a new and correct decision with confidence.

Hemp Eco Systems (HES) is a company founded on the acquisition and application of knowledge, specifically hemp-based knowledge where building with hemplime is rooted in wisdom. The aesthetics of hemplime buildings are welcoming and pleasing to the eye with the soft hues of hemplime plaster naturally blending into their immediate environment. But aesthetics as a stand-alone can be achieved with any building material; however, hemplime holds the secret of lifelong benefits that if pursued results in the wisdom behind correct choices. It is for this reason that the HES network can be likened to a fountain of knowledge. It is here where you will learn about the wondrous properties of hemplime. You will learn of the value that hemplime contributes to the longevity of life. Bringing this fountain of knowledge to you, are seasoned specialists backed by a company with over 27 years of researching, understanding and applying their accumulated knowledge into building natural homes. Communication with the HES team is an open two-way channel created for you to expand on your life views, giving you the opportunity to learn how nature always provides the best solutions to make otherwise difficult decisions easy.

The HES team will be with you every step of the way, from answering simple questions to handing you the keys to living in a healthy home where you will live the benefits of your sound decision every day. Being part of the HES network keeps you informed on new developments, sprouting design ideas, and the headway hemp is making in a relatively new industry that has a foundation rooted in nature. When you think of a hemplime home, think of the burden your home carries with its ability to regulate the indoor temperature and to keep harmful pests and fungi at bay, think of reduced maintenance costs, think of how wonderful nature is in its ability to strengthen your home with age, think and equip yourself with knowledge so you can make informed and wise decisions. Think HempLime.


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