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The best HempLime mixer available

Today we'll be blunt. We have the best HempLime mixer available on the market! Tried and tested for almost 10 years to deliver homogenous HempLime consistently, the HES-mixer is by far the best HempLime mixer available, if not the only. (it can also work for HempCrete, see the difference here)

Sure, people getting into hemp building are using the equipment they have available to them like cement mixers. Our team started there too and soon realised that we needed an improvement and thats what we did. We designed and built a mixer specifically for HempLime. Today we have a piece of equipment which has proven to be an asset to all of our associates. The HES-mixer is reliable, fully electric, mobile, lightweight, robust, practical and silent (<85dBa) technical specs for the mixer can be seen here

We have it available to our associates for $5500 (€5000)

An easy way to secure your position as an official HES associate is to purchase a HempLime starter kit which includes the Hemp hurds, minerals and mixer you'll need for your next project. HES associates have a profile of building contractors and hemp entrepreneurs who are serious about developing a hemp building market in their region and securing their position in the HES network. We're still in early stages of developing our associate network and would like to get the right partners on board.

Please contact your nearest HES office to find out more about becoming the next associate in your region.

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