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Top 5 HempLime Workshop Take-Aways

Updated: May 14, 2020

Written By Kaira Espinoza

After participating in the “HempLime” workshop to build a HempMiniHouse, I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated! Why? Because it gave me hope in humanity again! People from various professional backgrounds came together to learn about what it takes to build a mini-house made out of hemp hurds and hydrated limestone. This was the common denominator, but there are so many overlapping issues: environmental, economic, social. The facilitators skilfully wove in philosophy, laughter and true life stories - not only their professional expertise as architects and civil engineers - into the hands-on activities, making this workshop such a powerful experience!

Top Five Take-aways from the “Hemp & Lime” Mini-House Workshop:

5 The mixture of natural hemp, natural minerals and hydrated limestone (HES-Mix) make it perfect for insulation because it not only provides insulation- but it also regulates temperature and humidity!

4 Hemp is a renewable natural resource- growing it does not cause any pollution to our environment- in fact, it actually absorbs carbon dioxide! As a building material, it is fire-resistant, requires little maintenance and the structures last for more than a 100 years with no rotting, mould or toxic materials to worry about breathing in!

3 Because of how HES-Mix naturally regulates temperature- keeping your home cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter, not only is it more healthy than using heaters and air conditioners, you will also save money by not having to use those appliances as much!

2 The process of building with Hemp & Lime does take a little more time because we are using a “live” natural resource as opposed to a “dead” material like cement. But it is this difference that makes hemp so much more healthier and cost-effective in the long run!

1 In a fast-paced world addicted to instant-gratification, the solution to bringing more balance and peace of mind into our families and diverse communities is slowing down and doing things more mindfully. Getting back in touch with nature is fundamental to the survival of human beings. Shifting our mindset and culture towards working in harmony with natural resources (instead of trying to control and conquer them) is truly the key, if we want to save humanity.

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