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Getting our Tamp-On

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Update on the Hemp Mini House Grand Edition:

Hemp Mini House Grand Edition

Working on a tight deadline, and under a bit of pressure, our team is holding their heads high.

The number one focus will always be QUALITY.

Toni, Paul, Mark and the crew are on a mission to complete full encapsulation before the rain falls. We've given ourselves the deadline of October 20th! Can we do it?

Of course we can. We're getting our 'tamp-on'! We're mounting ceiling panels, as we speak. We're tamping the hemplime mixture, and we're forming our walls. We're singing at the top of our lungs, and performing our best.

The camaraderie on the building site is amazing, with the HGTV crew coming back and forth, filming for next year's Discovery channel programme. This keeps the team on high alert, looking smart and being focused.

Our daily goal is to get 15 hemplime mixes done and in the walls. The hemplime mix is done by combining: Hemp Hurd, Hydrated Lime, HES-Plus, and water. The mix in our HES-mixer takes 4 minutes (once you have the recipe waxed!), then the tamping starts. With a team of 7, we're making headway one mix at a time.

Contact us if you're in the area and would like to see this beauty first hand. We love having visitors, and appreciate the support.

Watch this space for more updates coming soon!

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