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Courage, consciousness and forward thinking is what we're about!

To all the conscious, forward thinking, architects, builders and developers, this message is for you.

Even though each one of you may prefer a different flavour coffee, there is one thing which you all have in common. You all agree that we need to build healthy living spaces for the people and the planet while, of course, getting the best value for your money.

We have a solution to fit your needs, HempLime, an award winning tried and tested product that can be used to build new or renovate existing buildings. HempLime consists of hemp-hurds, hydrated lime, HESplus and water (patented). The combination of these 100% natural raw materials produce a long lasting, lightweight, fire resistant, thermal and humidity regulating, rot and pest resistant, carbon negative building material which improves the indoor climate for all inhabitants

The method of construction is easy to understand. Basically the HempLime is prepared as a light and fluffy material and then cast into formwork around a structural frame preferably timber, the HempLime is then packed in and the formwork is lifted instantly. Mix, Pack, Lift, Repeat!

HempLime construction details are important to consider and are very similar to masonry detailing with a few minor adjustments. For example; studs for hanging cabinetry need to be included in the design stage. HempLime is a forgiving material and workable and repairable after being cast. HempLime can be left raw and exposed or finished with a range of natural plasters. HempLime is cost effective and a low maintenance product which gets better with age as the hydrated lime continues its natural carbonation process (absorbing CO2) essentially turning back to limestone of the course of its life.

Now you're probably wondering how to get in on the action and naturally so, because honestly it's an exciting time to be in the construction industry knowing that we are again able to build dwellings, using 100% natural products, like our ancestors did, which outlasted the occupants.

The next step for you is to study our comprehensive website and sign up to our mailing list where we'll keep you updated with posts like this one. Then, once you've read the website decided you're serious and need to know more, get in contact with us. If you'd like to know more about our HempLime starter kits, click here.

In case you're interested about how you could participate in our mission and get involved, I've included details below.

Please send us your questions and comments and we'll get back to you ASAP.


The Hemp Eco Systems Group, now represented in 7 European countries and in the States of California and Oregon, is for its expansion program on the look-out for Partners interested to acquire the rights to a country or region. A Partner to whom a License is granted, will be informed about the functioning of our Group, cooperation between members, and undergo a thorough training program, theoretical and on a building site.

An accepted candidate has a profound knowledge of the building sector and experience in communicating with architects and builders.  The candidate has to have thorough knowledge of the territory and  a solid contact with the business community related to the building sector.

 License is granted to Partners who dispose of the necessary financial means to develop the business.

Licensees pay a nominal license fee equal for all Licensees

Licensees  have full access to products and work procedures and benefit from the Groups Patent and IPs without any extra charge

We are for the moment looking for License partners in Europe, Canada and in several States in the USA.


Associates in our Group play an important role in countries where we have no Licensees.  A candidate, to become Associate, obtain the rights to a region where he/she is well established. An Associate can be a contractor, or a promotor of products and services related to the building and renovation activity.  We label such Regions “Strong Holds” which expresses the importance that the Associate is well known and established in the region.  The Associate receives full rights to the Territory reserved, receives full training and certificate to build and renovate in accordance with our systems.  The Associate buy our materials at the Group’s bulk prices and pay no license.

The Associate receives full backing and technical support at all times.

The HES group line up with professional builders that choose to work with Natural Materials and Products.  To join as qualified builder a training program is prepared, in most cases with already engaged builders, who will undertake the training and certification of the builder’s personnel. A training program lasts for about one week with follow up training programs.  An approved Builder can join in realizing jobs in other countries, being fully trained to execute contracts using Natural building materials.  Builders benefit from a number of facilities and pay no license fee or patent fees.


Promoters are people who love what we're doing and want to share our message via social media platforms and email campaigns to their networks. If your lead turns into our client we will compensate you accordingly. More details about this can be found by contacting us.

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