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Six ways to Smile with the Mask - On

by Jakob

A witty excerpt from our founder:

  1. Finally, the government has allowed us to kiss the girls with the formal ban on removing the mask.

  2. Her eyes are coal black with two diamonds deeply imbedded, following me every moment, it makes me think of an adventure. After a while, I give birth to some doubts, namely that without having seen the lower part of her face I expose myself to a certain risk having not assured myself by taking the necessary precautions; enough to give up my thought of an adventure.

  3. On bus line no 7, I discover that ladies of a certain age prattle as well with a mask on as without.

  4. After booking my flight, I was inundated with instructions on how to behave on an airplane. Taking my seat, the steward told me three times that the mask had to be worn over the nose not under. On that flight they served coffee and a sandwich. Bewildered, I called the steward and pointed questioning on my sandwich and the mask. The steward tore off his mask and told me that sandwiches could be consumed after removing the mask. 'And the virus?' Mine was looking at me not content. So I placed the rascal on my knee and told him to stay there and be quiet while I was having my coffee. Before landing I noticed an angry look on his face. And when the wheels touched the canvas, I felt that he was making himself ready to jump on me.

  5. It is getting laborious to mask the objections people have when obliged to cover the lower part of their face.

  6. Come my dear and take my hand and let us have a walk and a close look at the masquerade now in full swing.

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Natasha Sokoloski
Natasha Sokoloski
Feb 01, 2021


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