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Hemp on the Tip of Your Tongue

Hemp is steadily infiltrating into people's daily lives, by one of these available means: building with the hemp hurd, eating the hemp seeds, wearing the hemp textiles, using the hemp CBD oil as medicine, or drizzling the hemp seed oil onto salads. Who would have thought, that in the year twenty-twenty, we'd finally have the freedom to explore this wonderful plant to it's full potential?

There seems to be a bit of animosity when speaking about hemp to the conservatives, which is strange considering the hundreds of uses we are able to extract from this plant. In order for these benefits to become known to the general public, we need to share our knowledge by spreading the word. The more familiar the word hemp becomes, the easier it will be for people to accept it, to normalise it and not think it to be taboo.

Speaking hemp is one sure way to contribute to the hemp revolution.

Below, we have provided some links to the various sites we enjoy, showing the daily improvements the hemp industry is making throughout the world, and the topics of conversation this industry is supplying us.

'5 tips on protecting your hemp crops from diseases'. Many of the early adopters have already got decades under their belt of growing cannabis and hemp plants. From these experienced growers, some very insightful tips and tricks to get your hemp crop to thrive have been derived.

The July 2020 online Issue of the Marijuana Business Daily magazine. The more people that read magazines like these, the better for the Hemp industry's terminology to slip off our tongues.

'CBD prices are falling as companies seek new consumers. Is that a good thing?' The Hemp Industry Daily provides an opinion piece on the price of CBD. Formulate your own opinion on whether the decrease in CBD prices are good or bad for the industry as a whole.

How do you feel about the EU labelling CBD as a narcotic?

'The consequences of labelling CBD a narcotic: Q&A with German lawyer Kai-Friedrich Niermann' is a shocking question and answer session demonstrating the current situation regarding CBD becoming termed a narcotic. The Hemp Industry has come a long way for the EU to decide that CBD is now a narcotic.

“It’s one of the most durable fibers there is in the marketplace,” Twer said. “It’s breathable, so when you’re putting (hemp) into bedsheets, it allows the heat to be released … versus a microfiber, where you get in the sheets and you sweat because the heat doesn’t have a chance to release.”

'Tough fiber: Hemp making (slow) inroads into the textile market' provides insight into America's position when it comes to industrial hemp grown for textiles. Unbeknown to many, hemp is not yet a flourishing crop in the USA.

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