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Inside the Hemp Mini House - Update

Updated: May 14, 2020

The ceiling boards are up and the hemp in the roof has begun. The HempLime workers are getting their tamp-on between the roof rafters.

Timing has been impeccable during this project. The aim was to be done with the walls by today, and we were done on Saturday. The QC (quality control) by Toni is a never ending spree, but the team has done a magnificent job.

The smell, the sight, the texture and the feel of the atmosphere inside this Hemp 'mini Grand' House is indescribable.

The waves of the hand crafted finishes, where the walls meet the ceiling boards is only something which could be made from an artisan.

It has been an honour working with the crew at Glynraven Gardens, with Paul from HavenEarth, and with the carpenters of Mendocino County.

Until we meet again, for the renders and interior, we'll be flying south for warmer weather.

Please get in touch with us to view this beautiful piece of art in person, to have a tour, or if you're interested in a project of your own. We're excited to be a part of your journey too.

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