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Sharing the HempLime Patent

Many people are asking us about the US patent (# 10,266,451,B2 ) and how we intend to use it.

Our Intent

We believe that harmony between mother nature and human activity is essential for our own future and our mission is to promote the use of natural building materials in order to replace synthetic products with natural ones.

Scope of the Patent

The patent is held by the Hempel Family Foundation and covers the recipe (material ratios and method) of producing the following:

A building and insulation material based on calcium hydroxide (slaked or hydrated lime) an organic filler (of vegetable origin) (hemp hurds, wood chips, kenaf, coconut husks etc), and a mineral of volcanic origin mixed with water until the required consistency is achieved.

When deciding to patent our discovery, we wanted to avoid any abuse of this precious discovery. We have therefore decided to make the HES-plus mineral available to all, provided the user learns and agrees to the proper use of the final product HES-mix. 

Why use hydrated lime and not hydraulic lime or cement?

Hydrated lime uses the least amount of energy to produce as it is heated to 800°C instead of 1200°C and 1800°C for hydraulic lime and cement respectively.

Hydrated lime is the most widely available and abundant resource already being used as a building material for centuries and utilised in many industries.

When it is mixed with hemp hurds, it becomes light weight, inflammable, has optimal insulation qualities, but most of all it carbonates and absorbs CO2 and thereby produces a perfect indoor climate, at no extra cost.

Advantages of using HES-products with the use of the patent?

  • HES-mix has been used to build and renovate hundreds of buildings across the world and has undergone strict European testing (EN) for fire resistance, thermal conductivity, moisture absorption and various strength tests.

  • HES-mix allows us to use hydrated lime which is widely available and low cost

  • HES-mix has the lowest density and maximum porosity for optimal thermal properties and humidity regulation

  • HES-plus is the perfect blend of minerals to allow continuous carbonation of hydrated lime.

  • The HES-mixer is a one of a kind mixer designed especially for mixing HempLime and achieving consistent results.

  • HES-technical support backed by 30 years of building and renovating with hemp and lime.

HES-mix is "The Original HempLime"

All HES-mix is HempLime but not all HempLime is HES-mix

We share because we care, support us in our mission.

Thank You

Toni Läderach


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