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The Reality of building with HempLime

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

There is no doubt, a hemp trend sweeping across world. People are usually amazed at the number of uses we could get from this wonderful plant.

Hemp is part of the cannabis sativa family and comes in many different varieties, some hemp is grown for the production of oils and seeds while other types of hemp are grown specifically for fiber and hurd. Because of the stigma cannabis has in the mainstream as a gateway drug and hemp’s relation to cannabis, people’s initial reaction to using hemp products is usually somewhat skeptical.

Hemp usually contains a very low amount (<1%) of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the psychoactive constituent the “gets us high” so no need to worry about stepping into a hemp house and being transported to a fifth dimension.

Can you smoke a hemp house?

I certainly wouldn’t want to try 😉

What is HempLime Anyway?

HempLime is a building material consisting of quality hemp hurds, hydrated lime, HESplus and water. HESplus allows us to use hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) in construction without losing it's ability to carbonate (absorb CO2). Our formula and process has been patented and we would like to share it with the world.

The reason we and many other people want to use hydrated lime and not cement is that hydrated lime is less energy intensive to produce and forms part of a unique process called the lime cycle.

As hydrated lime (CaOH2) carbonates (releases moisture and absorbs CO2), it turns back into limestone (CaCO3) over the course of its life.

Materials, Equipment and Labour... and LOGISTICS

Although the materials make up the smallest portion of the cost of the house, the freight costs quickly start to escalate for every mile from the port, dirt road, and steep hill the goods travel. The more you handle the goods, the more costly they become.

Our mixer is an essential part of what we do and this is one ‘special’ piece of equipment we need to have on site.

A team of workers will receive training from one of our qualified technicians and after a couple of days of supervision, the team is usually good to go. The HES technician can stay for the duration of the job or visit at regular intervals depending on the size of the job at hand.

"Hemping ain‘t easy" and very often the people whom are most enthusiastic about getting going, are the first to take the spectator seat when the going gets tough, it’s like running a marathon, slow and steady wins the race. Anything easy, usually isn't worth doing anyway 😉

What Does It Cost?????????

When people ask about cost comparison, there is no straight answer because when you stand back and look at what you’re doing, understanding the long term economics of the investment, one soon realizes that the 10-15% (estimate) premium involved in building a hemp house with a 100+year lifespan versus something similar but with synthetic products and a 30 year lifespan, is well worth it. For the benefits of a healthy indoor environment, fire resistant, rot and pest resistant, thermal insulating, humidity regulating, acoustic pleasure and a building that technically gets better with age (like a fine wine), it’s all worth it.

Know Your People

Its no wonder that people from all over are jumping on the band wagon, beware though, this Is not a stick of bubblegum you’re purchasing, it’s a lifelong investment. Be sure to get the right team on board.


Call us if you're passionate to get started

HempLime can be used for new builds and renovations

Don't assume that it'll be too expensive or very easy

Check availability of materials in your area

Understand that your location and distance from the nearest port will affect price of goods

You will need a team of able bodied people

Anything more than a few sample blocks and small projects, You will need a mixer to mix for you.

Follow the recipe and method to avoid failures.

Please leave your comments and questions below, get in contact with us if you’d like to use our expertise, products and training.

Toni Läderach

Hemp Eco Systems

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